The Need

Our quality of life, standard of living and national security depend on energy. A strong, balanced energy research program, based on the most efficient use of our natural resources while minimizing our dependence on imported energy, is critical to Florida and the U.S.

Addressing the Need

The Florida Institute for Sustainable Energy brings together research capabilities necessary to create a sustainable energy future. FISE encompasses more than 100 faculty members and over 30 energy research centers and institutes at the University of Florida.

Florida Innovation Hub at the University of Florida

The Florida Innovation Hub was created to serve as catalyst for startup companies whose technologies emanated from laboratories at the University of Florida and throughout the state. Our mission is to provide them with the infrastructure, logistics and resources needed to get up and running effectively and efficiently. In doing so, the Innovation Hub hopes to help those companies and others bring research discoveries to the marketplace, creating additional jobs for Floridians.